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Catch & release
(Matt Simons)
Intro: Do – Lam – Mim | Do – Lam – Mim
Do There’s a place I go to
Lam where no one knows me
Mim It’s not lonely, It’s a necessary
Do thing. It’s a place I made up
Lam Find out what I’m made of
Mim The nights I stayed up, counting stars and fighting
Do sleep.
Do Let it wash over
Rem me. Ready to lose my
Mim feet. Take me on to the
Fa place where one reveals life’s myste-
Do ry. Steady on down the
Rem line. Lose every sense of
Mim time. Take it all in and
Fa wake up that small part of me
Day to day I’m blind to see, And find how far to
Do go
Do Everybody got their rea-
LAm son, Everybody got their
Mim way, We’re just catching and re-
Fa leasing, what builds up throughout the
Do day. It gets into your
Lam body, And it flows right through your
Mim blood. We can tell eachother
Fa secrets, and remember how to
Do love.
Do-Lam-Mim Da dum da da da dam dam…
Do There’s a place I’m going
Lam no one knows me
Mim If I breathe real slowly, let it out and let it in
Do It can be terrifying
Lam to be slowly dying
Mim Also clarifying, we end where we be-
Do gin.
Do-Lam-Mim Da dum da da da dam dam…

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